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If you recall, one of my resolutions this year was to take more videos and then organize all of them. I’ve been doing well taking more videos, but still hadn’t done anything with them. Well, I finally took the plunge and am going through all of them!

It’s been quite the process. I first organized all of my videos into different folders, divided by year. Then highlighted them by month. Each month (or season if there aren’t many), I compile them into an iMovie and then upload them onto YouTube once complete so I have an online version just in case anything were to happen to my external hard drive. I eventually want to burn all of them onto DVDs, but that will be a project for a later month. I’m almost done with 2015 and it feels so good! Plus, it has been really fun to see how much Eva has changed, even within a year! I’m so glad I’m making myself do this because I love watching old home movies of mine and TJ’s childhood, and I didn’t want all the videos I take just to go into a crazy mess, deep on my computer, never to be seen again!

I’m sure you all want to watch hours of footage of me and my family, so I’ve created a new page for the videos up on my menu. JK-I know you probably don’t. But I did want to keep them organized for my own sake!

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