Home Alone at the Orchestra

We were so lucky to get two date nights in ONE weekend in December. We rarely go on dates, and so to have two in a row was nuts. We had kind of had an off day though so it almost didn’t happen, but we already had tickets to see Home Alone at the Utah Symphony (they played the soundtrack while the movie played on a projector, it was awesome!) so we decided to still go.

We got off to a late start and my anxiety level was already at like a 9/10 (see previous postpartum aftermath post ha!) and then we hit TERRIBLE traffic heading up to Salt Lake. We were going so slow and changed lanes, and of course got into an accident. That delayed us another hour, since we had to wait for the police and do a report. Thankfully everyone was fine and the cars weren’t in terrible shape. I told TJ we should just head back but then we just started laughing at how terrible our whole day had been. We kept making up funny scenarios of where the guy who’s car we hit would have just yelled out the window and said, “Don’t worry about it, have a great day!” Or, “Thanks guys, you actually did me a favor.” Or, “Here’s one million dollars, don’t worry about my car!” Sounds really dumb when I write it out now, but it cheered us up (plus I treated myself to a diet coke!) and we ended up making the movie at intermission and caught the second half. Afterwards, we walked around Temple Square a bit and admired the temple and temple grounds where we were married in, all lit up in Christmas lights! It was a bittersweet date, our car still has a dent, but we had fun!

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