Holiday Craft Exchange

A couple months ago, I invited some ladies over in my church congregation to come over for a craft exchange. I had done this in the past around Christmas, but wanted an excuse to get together with people from church, so I bumped it up to Halloween time. Everyone brings a craft that they made, wrapped, and then we go around and pick one from the pile to take home and the person who made the craft tells how they made it. There are some serious crafty people in my neighborhood! That being said, I’m going to do another one in December, so if you’d like to be a part, let me know!

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The craft I made was the Christmas bulb wreath. It was so easy to make and cost about ten dollars! I strung 50 large ornaments and about 20 small ones onto a wire hanger, tied it to together, then put a little greenery on the top.


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