Holding Up Traffic

This morning while driving to work, I was stopped at the light and waiting to turn left. As I was sitting there, a man driving passed me stopped his car, smiled, waved and tried to get my attention. I figured maybe he was telling me something about my car, so I looked at him and all he did was put on this HUGE creepy grin, still waving.

At first I was completely disgusted. This creepy man was probably in his fifties. Really? Have some decency!

It reminded me of Jerry Seinfeld’s act when he refers to men whistling and yelling at women from construction sites, but he states that honking the car horn at a women is the last human brain cell working. He says what do men think will happen? Do they think she’s going to kick off the heels and latch on to the bumper of a moving car? And when the car stops, do they think she’ll walk over to the guy and say “I’m so glad you honked! I never knew how you felt.” Very primitive behavior – just like dogs barking at cats.

Anyway, even though I felt completely humiliated because he stopped traffic and I felt a little gross from him staring at me, I couldn’t help but to laugh because the poor guy just kept waving and waving.

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