High School Blind Date Story

I thought I would share with you the story of when my mom set me up.

I was barely 16. My parents were just starting to let me date… but I went to a high school of 800 and there were only two or three members. And my stake boundaries were huge so the pickings were slim. Anyway, my dad was in Australia for about a month (which is important to know because if he was home, he would not have allowed what I am about to tell you to happen).

My mom came home from school one day and said something like,

Another teacher at the school has a son your age and he has been kind of struggling, do you think you would go on a date with him?

Uhmmmm…. no.

Well, here’s the thing. I kind of already told her you would. He’s supposed to call you tonight.


My parents were barely letting me going on group dates and now my mom was making me go on a blind date with a guy I didn’t know at all who was not even Mormon?!? I couldn’t believe it.

My mom told me she and the other teacher had SWITCHED OUR PICTURES so they could share them with us. Ridiculous.

Well, seeing that I was being forced to go, I decided to look at the photo which was a mistake because high-school-Katie was kind of shallow. And when I got the phone call, I couldn’t understand his name and, to this day, I still have no idea what his name was. All I know is that is started with a “C.” All a great start to the date to come.

He picked me up Friday night. My two best friends came over and hid so they  could watch the whole thing. As soon as we got in the car, he opened his wallet and said,

Okay, I’ve got $60.00. What do you want to do.”

Oh, how wonderful. We decided to go to the Levee, this plaza on the river with restaurants and a movie theater.

First, we went to dinner at the Irish Pub. I was hoping none of my friends would see us. But we ran into my chemistry teacher instead. Awesome. Even better. About five minutes into the meal, he started doing this jaw thing like he was trying to pop it. I asked if he was okay, he said he couldn’t eat anymore because something happened to his jaw. So, I ate and he watched.

We went to the movies and then he dropped me off. I gave him a small hug and said thanks and that was it. So, kind of anticlimactic. But on Monday, at school, my chemistry teacher said to the whole class she saw me on a date and everyone asked if he was my boyfriend. Oh, and when my dad found out, he couldn’t believe that my mom made me go out with a stranger.

The end. Boy am I glad I never have to go on a blind date again.

Here are two pics from high school. They’re not the best, but they’re the only ones I have on this computer. Can you find me???


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