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I try to do music time with Eva every day where we sing and dance to music. My mom has given me a lot of CDs since she’s an elementary school music teacher, and sometimes we just turn on Pandora toddler radio. Side note: When you start listening to these toddler songs everyday, they get stuck in your head! I’m always singing phrases like, “Walking along on our tippy-tip toes… nobody knows where a tippy-toer goes.”

Anyway, I thought I’d share this idea of music time with you because, if you’re like Eva and I, some days are very long as we have until 7 pm until TJ gets home! So, adding a bit of structure to our days really helps.

We love the Music Together series most of all. Now that I have my own toddler, I realize how much kids like these songs and how important it is to expose them to music. Plus, the Music Together songs teach kids how to sing well and stay on rhythm.

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