Hello, Reality

Yesterday was the career fair on campus. Because I have been constantly worrying about what lies ahead of me when I graduate, I decided this was a great opportunity to look for some internships or job possibilities. Even if it wouldn’t lead to any definite plans, it could give me a little direction.

I dressed up in a little red jumper with leggings and flats, I thought I looked professional enough until I saw the mass amounts of guys in suits from the Marriott school. Now, I’m aware that they needed to wear those suits because they would be making some very important contacts at the event, but boy, did I feel like a little kid who lost her way.

The only thing worse than feeling intimidated is acting intimidated. So, I decided to act like the career fair wasn’t giving me a panic attack, hold my head high, and suck it up.

I actually did meet a few great contacts. I’m not sure if they will evolve into anything, but it gave me a little hope that there are jobs available in my general field. With my degree in Advertising, I can go the business route to marketing or I can go the creative route to graphic design. I mean ultimately I would love to work specifically within Advertising, but if other possibilities come my way, I won’t turn them down.

Adobe was there. This was probably the best and most exciting contact I made. The man I met with is a marketing analyst  who works a lot with SEO for their clients. Uhm, hello? I would love to do that! I gave him my online resume URL and felt a little better about myself!

I also met with an advertising and marketing agency in Orem. They’re pretty small, but when I told them I am very interested in social media marketing, they seemed very excited. I gave them my URL, as well.

Most of these people were seeking people who could start in the winter, which I won’t be graduated by then. But I am still excited that I went to the fair to see that there will be opportunities when I graduate.

“My beloved brothers and sisters, fear not. Be of good cheer. The future is as bright as your faith.”
-President Monson

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