Heart Broken

Yesterday, T.J. was trying to put Eva to sleep but she was screaming her head off and not settling down. I didn’t want to interfere for a couple of reasons, mostly because it was “his turn.” But eventually I asked if he wanted to switch off because I know the crying gets frustrating. As soon as he passed her off to mean, she stopped crying, nuzzled in, and fell asleep.

I immediately started to bawl. I don’t know why it made me cry so much. I guess I was flattered a little bit that Eva knew me and that all the time I spend with her actually has made a difference. But I also felt so sad for T.J. I knew it must have hurt him a little bit. I reminded him that I do put her to bed for all of her naps when he’s gone during the day, and to bed at night when he’s not at home so she’s probably just used to the way I do it.

But still. It made me sad.

Fortunately, when we picked him up from work today, Eva stopped crying and smiled at him when he said hi.

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