Haunted Forest + Gardner Village

The Friday before Halloween, we hit up our friend’s brother’s haunted forest. It was kid friendly and the kids seriously loved it. I think Eva went through six times. They were all so cute running through and telling us what to watch out for! Unfortunately, it was a bit rainy that night and Finn was crabby from teething (in fact, we switched off sitting in the car with him since he fell asleep), but we still had a good time catching up with friends.

img_0121 img_0120 img_0119 img_0118 img_0117

On our way home, we decided to swing by Gardner Village since that was on my Fall to-do list and I really wanted to see the witches there! We didn’t stay long, considering it was past 9 pm when we arrived and it was a bit rainy. But it was still fun to blow off the kids’ bedtimes and just have a fun Friday night out! Usually I’m so big about getting the kids to bed right at seven, so when we stay out (especially on a weekend), it’s a special treat! Oh, and splitting a caramel apple sure made things nice 🙂 !

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