Hard Drive Fail

Three months ago, I lost my removable hard drive with all of my photos, school work, and portfolio. Over it. Kinda.

Two months ago, new removable hard drive arrived in a soiled and sopping wet package.

This summer, I procrastinated and never backed up my files on the new removable hard drive.

Last week, my actual hard drive failed.

Broke. Kaputt. Died.

I waited in anticipation for nearly a week to see hear what was wrong with my computer and prepared myself for the worst. I found a way to get all of my songs and contacts off of my iPhone, so that wouldn’t have been devastating. And I told myself that a college student studying advertising doesn’t realllllllly need a computer, I could just go to my beloved HBLL for hours on end everyday.

But yesterday, they called me and said that everything was fixed and I could come pick up my computer. The awesome team at Simply Mac restored all of my files, installed a new hard drive, and put on a new trackpad and mouse because they’re nice people. Only problem is that I lost my Adobe Creative Suite, which is about 500 or 600 bucks. It was CS3, CS5 is out now, so I guess it’s time to buy the new one. But either way, that is kind of a bummer.

As soon as I got my computer back, I backed up everything so I won’t lose anything else. I’m crossing my fingers that no more hard drive problems are coming my way for a while!

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  1. jesslynann
    jesslynann says:

    You have absolutely NO idea how jealous I am of you. The same thing happened to me a couple of months ago but I lost EVERYTHING. And I am still trying to get my computer back in working order. It has been an ordeal. I wish I had a Mac. So badly, I wish I had a Mac.


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