Happy One-Week Birthday, Eva!

One week! She is one week old today. This week has been the FASTEST, but the best. While I was feeding Eva today, I was thinking about this past week and how one week ago I was delivering our darling baby girl. Of course, it made me tear up. How could it not? She is a miracle. Everything about her. She has changed my life so much in just a matter of days and made me a better person. I am so thankful for her and for the opportunity I have to raise this baby.

The sappiness aside, let’s get back to Eva Kay! Her favorite thing to do is eat. About every two to three hours, she nurses and then after a brief intermission, she wants a little more. She fools you to think that she’s finished, happy, and content after a couple of burps. But then this little girl surprises us all and is ready for seconds. Sometimes thirds. Boy oh boy, does she have an appetite. I swear I’ve been feeding her all afternoon. But almost as much as Eva likes to eat, I like to nurse. I’m a bit sore (I’ll spare the deets) but, the time when I feed her is so special. When I was pregnant, I thought I wouldn’t like breast-feeding. I mean after-all, the whole concept is kind of strange. But, I love it. It really does create an amazing and indescribable bond.

Oops, I got sappy again. Something else Eva likes to do is have us change her diaper right after we just changed it. What a prankster! With each diaper I throw into our diaper jeanie (which is the best invention of all kind, btw), I think… oh there goes another dollar… those things are so expensive!

Eva loves being held by daddy. She never cries when she’s all nuzzled up on his chest. She loves wearing zippered onesie outfits because that makes the time on the dreaded changing table a couple seconds shorter than when she wears the snap kind. The cradle still is not on her favorite things list, but she loves her swing, as long as it’s not actually swinging. Being held close is another favorite, while being swaddled in her fuzzy blanket and sucking on her pacifier. And finally, Eva loves having Grandma/Nana sing her Christmas carols while rocking her in the rocking chair.

Happy Birthday, Eva! I can’t believe it’s already been a week since you entered our lives!

*Since it was her birthday, I thought I should dress her up in something more than the onesie outfits. So, after a sponge bath and lotion rub down (she smells wonderful), I dressed her up in the this little number. The pants are velvet and she’s wearing adorable black and white socks. More pics to come…


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