Halloween Traditions

This month is flying by, I can’t believe it will be Halloween in just a week and a half! We have been really busy, but we still have managed to get some Halloween decorations up, eat all things pumpkin, and do a couple other favorite spooky-themed things.

Last year there was a Groupon for a Halloween river “cruise.” For those of you not from Provo, the Provo river is more like a deep creek. It’s no Ohio or Mississippi river. And the “cruise” was not like the booze cruise episode of the office. Take out Michael Scott (the party-captain) and replace it with a pirate who pulls about twenty people on a little boat down the river using rope overhead. He tells stories like the Headless Horseman and then another pirate comes out to “scare” the kids and tell really terrible pirate jokes. On the banks of the river are hundreds of jack-o-lanterns and many decorative lights.

Honestly, most people probably would think it’s lame. But we’re kind of into those cheesy Halloween things so we soaked it up and jumped on the Groupon offer when it came out this year. Several Monday nights ago, we doubled with T.J.’s old roommate for round two.

I cannot get enough of Eva in that hat. And on the same fashion note, I also am loving that I can wear all my fall clothes this year! Last year at this time I had a baby bump the size of a pumpkin under my shirt.

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