Halloween Parties

TJ’s parents threw a cousin Halloween party for the kids. They decorated sugar cookies, had a dance-off, watched a few Halloween shows, and did a few little crafts together.

Holly and I dressed up as Mario and Luigi for our class.
The kids were pirates for Halloween. I thought they were pretty cute! 

TJ was a Banky painting. It was all TJ’s idea… but so clever! I dressed up as the mysterious Banksy, so I wore all black and carried around a bottle of spray paint.

Finn is always scowling at someone. But the Halloween party at church was great! They had lots of games for the kids and then a chili cook-off. I won Most Unique Chili (which TJ said was like the sweet spirit award haha!) but hey, I love it. I put cinnamon in the chili… it’s a Cincinnati secret.

Trick or treating with all of the neighbors was the best. We started early because it was going to be a cold night. It was fun running around with everyone and seeing those cute kids run from house to house. Finn was NOT into it, wouldn’t really even wear his costume or get out of the stroller. Maybe next year.

I got to help in Eva’s class for her Halloween party. I’m so grateful that I can help in her class from time to time. What a sweet treat!

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