Halloween Ideas

Yep. I’m already thinking about what we should wear for Halloween. It’s a big holiday at our house. This year, I need to figure out the perfect outfit for Eva then work from there for our outfits. Here are my favorite costumes for Eva that I have found so far. What is your favorite?

Maybe I love this outfit so much because of the chubby Asian baby inside, but I can’t get enough of this one snowman.

I promise this is the last Christmas themed costume, but a gingerbread man? Can’t you just imagine Eva’s cheeks popping out of there?


I know Dumbo is a boy, but this one is just too cute!

I love this skunk because it would be super easy to make and you don’t see too many skunk costumes.

Are you kidding me? A flamingo? One of the cutest and funniest costume I’ve ever seen!

No words are necessary.

T.J. loves sharks, so this one would be fitting for our family.

Dobby the Elf! Another easy one to make but so adorable!

I think this one is the most creative of all the costumes. I want Eva to wear those tights and the owl costume everyday, please.

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