Halloween Day

On the actual day of Halloween, we really didn’t have much planned except for trick-or-treating in the evening. In fact, I had TJ take the car, so we were pretty much stuck at home. But I felt like we couldn’t just hang out at the house on Halloween! So, we met up with friends at Zaxby’s for lunch (kids ate free if they were in costume-Finn was a “bunny in a pumpkin patch” and Eva was a cat!) and then because Eva, last minute, wanted to be Elsa, I threw together Finn’s costume while he was napping. It was actually pretty fun getting his costume ready to go and getting Eva all dressed! She looked so cute with her whole costume on! TJ came up with his costume-he was Sven, the reindeer from Frozen. I was going to be a wolf from Frozen (remember, wolves chase the sled?) but the makeup didn’t turn out as planned, so I went as the cat again. We trick or treated in our neighborhood and Eva was running around like crazy. She did up and down the street with some buddies in the time that our group barely went up half the street. It was so funny! We ended the night by visiting TJ’s parents to show them the kids’ costumes.

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