{Guest Post} To my dear little Babushka,

That’s the name that your parents often call each other–a name that is taken from a book about a girl who knew the true meaning of love.  Your parents already love you so much and so do all your grandparents.  As I have waited for your arrival this past week, I have spent many hours walking along the shore of the mountains behind your home and into the Provo Canyon.  I have thought of your daddy’s pioneer ancestors who forged through those mountains because of their faith in Jesus Christ.  And I have also thought of your mom who has always stood up for her faith in trying to follow the Savior.  So you see you have a great legacy of loved ones who have faith in God.

And so on this day that you have come to earth, the sun is shining brightly.  It is like the sun is saying “Eva is here and life for the Derrick family will never be the same.  Because there will never be anyone exactly like you, ever in this world.”  Your grandpa Chris is playing his trumpet and I am singing away at the piano, and as far away as Texas, Virginia and Kentucky, many folks are smiling because Eva has arrived!


Nancy (we’re still working on a nickname)

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  1. Kari
    Kari says:

    Alright Sister Swainhart! Thanks for making me cry! lol! What a beautiful post! And what a beautiful picture! Eva is one blessed little girl to have a family who loved her so much before she was even born! Much love to all of you!


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