{Guest Post} Motherhood

We thought for sure we would be having a baby boy. For some reason we even picked out only boy names and was prepared to confirm our feelings at our Ultrasound checkup. The nurse said “it looks like a girl!” and my husband’s first response was “Are you sure? Can you double check please?” The nurse replied and said as she pointed out her ‘privates’, “there’s nothing down there.” My husband took 5 seconds to realize that he was going to have the most precious little girl instead of a rowdy little boy and reclaimed his happiness.

I know our story isn’t the typical sweet one to start out with but that’s the story of my little Lealah’s life so far. From the moment I found out we were having a little girl, my life has been the most adventurous, exciting, spiritual, unexpected, and beautiful part of my life.

You never realize how selfish you were until you decide to schedule your life around another person. This little tiny person decides when you even get to take a shower and what you will do all day. You think you would lose yourself but in actuality Lealah has helped me find out who I really am and has enhanced every part of my life.

She has taught me that veggies are really good for you and that you should eat them every day. She has taught me to multi task as I dance and sing to children’s tunes while driving. Watching Sesame Street is the only fun and educational way of watching TV. Reading books is good for you… You should read all of Dr. Seuss’ and 30 other books that she has every SINGLE day. Chores can be fun! Especially when she poops in her clothes and I end up washing the same thing twice in the same day. It really teaches you patience too. Hugs are the best… especially when those little hands first learn to wrap around your neck. Bed hair has a whole new meaning of cuteness. Exercise is good for you. That’s why she lets me chase her around ALL day. You learn to adapt to changes and surprises easily too! Like the time Lealah started whistling at 8 months. You always need to pray because her sweetness shines through the most when she prays to her Heavenly Father. Daddy is the best because when daddy comes home everything finally feels right. She gives me opportunities to talk to my Heavenly Father through prayer throughout the day. Because you never know what kind of trouble lil miss Lealah will get into. She has taught me to be a loyal friend. She never leaves her favorite doll behind. She’s taught me to be grateful as even the smallest toy puts a smile on her face. She’s taught me that sharing is caring. We must practice it everyday. She’s brought me closer to my husband as she needs her family hugs & kisses. She helps you to remember the importance of having date nights as well. But most of all, she has taught me to love. I didn’t think I could love someone more than I loved my husband. But she has taught me that there’s always enough love to go around.

I know that being a mother is a continuous job. I thank Lealah each day that she gives me to become the mother and the woman that I want to become. Heavenly father must love us if he’s willing to send his sweetest angels down to help us grow and to love every minute of our lives.


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