{Guest Post} I love being a Mother.

One of my most sacred moments of motherhood happened seconds after my precious Evette was born. My labor was a long grueling process, roughly 39 hours of hard labor – I was quite ready for our Little Girl to join us.

Just after Evette entered this world our midwife checked her breathing and then immediately put her on my chest. I was in complete awe- She was here! This was my daughter. I cried and laughed and cried some more. The very moment that she was placed in my arms something changed in me, it was so powerful, almost painful. I knew from that moment forward I would do absolutely anything to help and protect that Sweet Spirit that was entrusted to my care. I would gladly give my life for this child. The overwhelming love and responsibility that swept over me was a very humbling experience. I thought I knew what loves was, but when I held Evette for the first time my understanding of love got about a billion times deeper.

I repeated “This is my baby girl….. This is my daughter….. This is my Evette….. ” over and over and over, introducing her to myself, my husband, and all the helping midwives. I couldn’t believe that she was finally here and how perfect she was.

Evette is an angel and has drastically changed our lives for the better! She has the sweetest demeanor and teaches me daily how to be a better person. As I am typing this one handed and holding my precious sleeping baby I am reminded to treasure every second we share together. I love being a Mother.


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