{Guest Post} Dear sweet baby girl…

How I anxiously await your arrival. I already love you and can’t wait to tell you in person. I have watched your mother and father fall in love with you. It has been sweet to watch them prepare themselves for parenthood and to see the great desire they have to be good parents.

I remember the day I delivered your father, T. J. It was a difficult day for me as it was the day they were laying to rest my mother who had passed away only six weeks after giving birth to my little brother Allen. I was afraid and sad and missing my mom. But your dad came into my life bringing me great joy and comfort…a gift from Heaven. Your dad is my only child with blue eyes and while young, blonde hair just like my mother. I believe she sent a piece of her with him as they passed each other through the veil.

T. J. was a calm, happy baby which was such a blessing as I was struggling emotionally and physically trying to recover from having a c-section. I wouldn’t have my dear mother coming to be with me after his birth and T. J. made it easy to move forward.

There is no greater joy than that of being a mother. I rejoice that the opportunity has been mine. It is the most wonderful of callings. Little one…you are so loved by many. You are a child of God and a gift from Heaven to us here who await your arrival. We shall meet soon and it will be a joyful day.

Till we meet and with all my love, your Grandmother,

Kelly Derrick

{Kelly with Holly, who will be our baby’s cousin}

{Last Thanksgiving with T.J.’s family}


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