Grateful Heart

This past week, I got a cold and then inevitably gave it to Eva. She woke up Sunday morning with a cough that sounded croup-like and it made us worried. As you may remember, Eva was in the hospital back in February for a night because of RSV and Croup and so I get overly nervous when she gets any type of cough or has trouble breathing. We got rid of our old humidifier in the move because it was very cheap and barely worked, so I knew I needed a new one. I got all bundled up early Sunday morning to make my little trek to the grocery store.

On my way there, I was thinking how I really missed our Elantra. I wished so badly I could just jump in the car and run over to the grocery really quickly. But no… I had to walk five blocks to the grocery. Oh, the horror. But then on the walk, I saw a couple homeless people sleeping between bushes and the back side of the Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They had made a little fort out of cardboard and had just slept outside in the cold, as they probably do every night.

That is one sight that instantly puts me back in me place and makes me realize how good I have it. There are homeless people everywhere out here. Not a day goes by anymore without seeing someone in that situation. I even recognize a couple of them because of how often I see them.

I don’t really have much more to say. I just wanted to make it known that I am grateful for my life. I do complain about stuff going on, like having to walk a couple blocks in the cold. And sometimes I am ungrateful for all the many blessings I have because it’s just easy to focus on the negative. But I am sorry about that. Because I have so much. So much.

Happy Monday and hope you can join with me to be extra grateful this week!

Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

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