Grad School

I think I should go to grad school.

I have always wanted to get a master’s degree because I feel like a bachelor’s degree just doesn’t cut it nowadays, but actually doing it, working hard, applying, going to school for 2 or 3 more years doesn’t sound as appealing.

And I don’t necessarily need a master’s degree with an undergrad in advertising, so is there really a point to going to grad school?

Should I just apply and see what happens?

So here’s the deal, if I decided to go to grad school:

I will graduate in April 2011 with a degree in Communications, Advertising Emphasis.  I really enjoyed my internship and learning more about social media marketing and I loved my marketing class last semester.  So that makes me think getting an MBA would be good, with an emphasis in Marketing.

That means I would have to take the GMAT this fall and apply by winter semester.

I also have enjoyed my general communications classes, especially media law and media audiences.  So maybe getting a master’s in Communications would be good.

That means I would have to take the GRE this fall and apply by winter semester.

Also, another thing I need to consider is living situations.  T.J. also will be applying to grad schools (he wants to get an MBA as well).  So finding an area where be both can find grad programs is going to be tough.  I would really like to stay in Utah because we pay next to nothing for rent and it is seriously saving us so much money.  Tuition for grad school here at BYU is very inexpensive compared to most programs, so that’s another plus, but who knows if I even have the grades to get in here. And on the other hand, moving away would be cool so we could experience a new place and live it up before we have a family.

Gosh, so many choices!! Please tell me your advice, thoughts, feelings, experiences, etc!

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  1. Anielia
    Anielia says:

    Okay Katie, you may not know this, but I totally stalk your blog, haha. And I absolutely think you should go for grad school. I imagine that you’re pretty over school, and kinda just want to get out there, but it would definitely be more beneficial in the long run. As for where you’d go, that’s a little harder. If it were me, I’d want to go somewhere different, kind of take yourself a little bit out of your comfort zone, see new things, meet new people, etc. You guys are young, so this would definitely be the time to do it. It is more practical to stay in Utah, though. Plus it is absolutely GORGEOUS so I totally see the appeal.

    Woah, I wrote way more than I thought I was going to. Good luck with all of these huge decisions!!

    • kderrick
      kderrick says:

      Hey thanks for the comment! Yeah, I really think it would be a good idea, plus it gives me more options with what I could do as a career. I would love to move somewhere East in a big city. I guess we will see!


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