Grab some tissues…

Yesterday I watched the episode of The Office where Michael proposes to Holly. I have seen that episode dozens of times, but I always cry when everyone in the office is lined up with candles. Then I got this brilliant idea to look up marriage proposals on Youtube. After watching a couple of those (and crying my eyes out because they were so cute), I thought… hey, why not cry some more and watch surprise soldier homecomings. They were amazing. I could watch those videos forever.

Here are my favorites:

This one is kind of long, so skip the boring parts. But seeing her face when she figures out the trailer is for her is priceless.

I’m a sucker for flashmob even if they were sooooo 2010. When all of her friends and family come out near the end, that’s when the tears really start flowing.

Alright, is there anything sweeter than this? So cute.

The whole family was surprised, how amazing!

And for the grand finale… A montage of homecoming clips at Christmas. Doesn’t get much better than that. The first clip of the little girl is my favorite.

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