Gotta change it up, ya know?

I’m sure my friends and family are getting sick of me crying wolf about chopping my hair off. I just keep getting sick of the split and dry ends. Long hair is a lot more maintenance and so every couple of months I want to cut it all off (not to mention the last haircut I got sucked, read about it here). This past weekend was another one of those times.

So, I headed to a new salon that every one of my friends recommended (why didn’t you all recommend it earlier?), walked in, was offered a complimentary beverage, sat in a massage chair and watched TV on the ceiling while they washed my hair. It was heaven.

I told my hairdresser my dilemma, she gave me her advice, I took it, and here we are today. I’m so glad I listened to her, it feels so good and cutting it to my chin would have been devastating considering how long it took me to grow it out.

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