Goodbye, January…

I’ve been writing on my blog so much that going a day or two without blogging seems like forever. It’s midnight and I need to go to bed. But Home Alone is on ABC Fam, so here I am. It’s my obligation… no, it’s my duty to watch Home Alone (1 or 2) if it’s ever on TV. No matter what time of the year it is. “Snakes, Snakes, I don’t know no Snakes.”

Anyway, we had a great weekend but unfortunately didn’t take any photos. Words will have to suffice. On Friday night, we had the ward dinner. The men had to make dinner for the women, and T.J. was over it all. He had to delegate most everything because he was very busy. I was pretty much a nervous wreck worrying if it would work out or if we’d have to buy pizzas at the last minute. He kept telling me not to worry, but I’m a woman. That’s what I do.

Everything turned out great though! The setup and cleanup was taken care of, a lot of people attended and there was enough food for everyone. Nice work, guys!

Saturday morning we had T.J.’s mom watch Eva while we went to the temple. Our goal is to visit all the temples in Utah before (well, if) we move. So, this week was Mount Timpanogos. I will forever love that temple. It is so gorgeous. We spent the rest of the afternoon with T.J.’s family just hanging out, shopping, and playing with the kids.

Last minute, we decided to go back up to American Fork on Sunday morning because Elder Scott, one of the 12 apostles, was speaking at T.J.’s family’s stake conference. Who could pass up that opportunity? The stake conference was wonderful. It was all about temple attendance and family history. Elder Scott also told the husbands to tell their wives why they appreciate and love them… and to give specifics! I’ll be reminding T.J. to do that daily. 🙂

I made taco soup (recipe coming tomorrow) for everyone and then we had a Superbowl Party. Fortunately for me, no one really cared about the actual game so not much football was actually watched. We took naps, I read my book, talked to my parents, and we watched a movie. I did catch the half time show and was not impressed. It was a little too raunchy.

Tonight I actually decided to work on family history stuff. And I’ve already found four names to take to the temple! I just hope I’m doing it right… it is kind of nerve racking in that way. But everyone who says geneology is addictive is right. Before I knew it, two hours had passed by!

That was our weekend in a nutshell! I’m excited for this upcoming week! The Bachelor is on tomorrow AND Tuesday. We are going to a toddler’s program at the library, I’m going to the aquarium with my in-laws one afternoon, we have a family party one night, a birthday party Saturday afternoon, and I’ve got some crafts lined up, as well as a delicious dinner plan ahead. Here’s to a productive, sunnier, and snowless week! Welcome, February!


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