Goals for the Week

I keep being so negative about everything. No big reason why, I just keep catching myself complaining about little things. So, I’m going to change it and start a new week tomorrow! Hopefully, by accomplishing these goals (and working on my attitude), I will be chipper again soon!

  1. Everyday I will put effort into my outfit. So many days I just wear yoga pants and t-shirts because I am walking around outside so much. Style has gone on the back burner, and I have found that it makes me lazy when I’m at home when I stay in sweats. So, this week I’m going to get ready for each day and put effort into it! Get ready for some outfit instagrams.
  2. Going along with it, I am going to do my hair twice this week. I know that doesn’t sound like much. But with the heat, humidity, and long hair, I rarely take it out of a bun. So, twice in a week will be one more time than last.
  3. We are going to have family home evening on Monday. Lesson and everything. Perhaps even a treat, if Eva’s good. 🙂
  4. I’m going to plan out my meals like I used to so we have dinner together at the table each night.
  5. Finally, I am going to venture out into the city during the week at least once to explore.


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  1. Sarah Tyau
    Sarah Tyau says:

    We all have periods where we tend to be a little negative. But it’s good we realize it and decide to do something about it! I think you just miss me so much, that’s why! 😉


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