Giant Zucchini

My ward has a plot of land for a garden and each week our Bishop brings in veggies. I grabbed a giant zucchini.

Okay, it really wasn’t as big as the one in the picture. I don’t actually know that girl or know if that’s a zucchini, but you get the point. It was big.

So, what does one do with such a large zucchini, you ask? Bake 2 loaves and 24 muffins of zucchini chocolate chip bread.

I brought one loaf to work, gave another to a new couple in our ward, took half of the muffins to a family dinner and saved the rest for us to eat for breakfast.

They were delicious and moist, and it was so fun to learn how to use zucchini in a recipe!

Thanks, Betty! What would I do without you?

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