Get me through this week!

One more week until we have our vacation with T.J.’s family! I can’t stop thinking about it and sure wish it was tomorrow! I even dreamt that Eva said, “Just one more sleep until the airplane!” Probably because she is constantly asking me how many “more sleeps” there are until we go on our trip.

We are having the grossest weather over here today, and the rest of the week is going to be cold. So, I have made an idea list of things to distract me and make this week speed by, even if we are stuck inside!

  1. Get Christmas cards from Staples and address them
  2. Make my Christmas craft for a craft exchange I’m going to next month
  3. Go to the library
  4. Take Eva to the “Store Park”
  5. Farewell Dinner for Camille
  6. The Hunger Games!
  7. Watch the first two HG again to prepare for the premiere
  8. Organize my closet
  9. Get the rest of my Christmas decorations out
  10. Practice the new piano music for the Christmas program
  11. Prepare my Sunday School lesson so I don’t have to do it over our trip
  12. Blog
  13. Make some freezer meals
  14. Get my gifts for the Secret Santa thing at church
  15. Exercise
  16. Take Eva to a museum in the city
  17. Make Thanksgiving crafts with Eva
  18. Go to the Relief Society activity on Wednesday
  19. Visit the school I’m hoping Eva can go to next year
  20. Watch this video over and over of my friend because it’s so adorable!

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