Funny Eva Sayings: Round 2


I’ve got some more funny Eva sayings to document! Here are the latest ones that I wrote down:

  1. Some kids on TV were wearing costumes, and she exclaimed, “Costumes! Costumes! I loveeee costumes!”
  2. “Want to try bite?” (Gives TJ the tiniest bite you’ve ever seen)
  3. I called Eva my daughter, she said back, “I’m not your daughter, I’m a princess!”
  4. I was really upset about the subway closing down and said out loud, “Curse you world!” Eva loudly repeated the phrase. Oops!
  5. We came home one day and Eva went right over to her baby doll, picked her up, and said, “I missed you too!”
  6. Sebastian, the crab on The Little Mermaid, came on TV and Eva said, ” Look, it’s Ariel’s sister!”
  7. Brooks was crying a little bit and Eva told me after we parted ways, “Mom, Brooks sad. He needs his daddy. His daddy left him.”
  8. “You sick? Me got chocolate soup!” Then she pretended to feed me from a bowl.
  9. I asked Eva what her favorite animal is, she said, “Squirrels!”
  10. “Me making soup, mommy! It’s chocolate cake medicine. Me feed you. Shhhhhh… eat!”
  11. Eva finally went number two in the potty (big potty, may I add) and I was obviously ecstatic and screaming from excitement. Eva looked at me and said, “Mom! SHH! Shhhhh! Too loud!”
  12. Whenever I call T, by his name, Eva corrects me, “His name is daddy!!!!”
  13. We had a time out at the park because Eva was whining too much, so I told her if she needs something, just come talk to me and we will work it out nicely without crying. And so about ten times after that at the park, Eva kept coming up to me saying, “Mommy, Me talk to you.” Then she would run away.
  14. TJ and I still call each other “bushka” for whatever reason (read background story here), and I called after TJ saying, “Bushka!” Then Eva repeated me saying really loudly, “Bushka?!?” That girl is a parrot. We need to be careful.
  15. Eva told me she wanted to play with a little girl, but the way she phrased it was so funny, “Little girl wanna play me again!”
  16. While helping me bake, Eva asked, “Can I have a little taste?” She then proceeded to take a HUGE bite.
  17. “Brooks my best friend. Me love him.” She says this almost everyday. Adorable.
  18. “Me so full. Me eat too much.”
  19. “My belly is sad.”
  20. Eva’s baby makes crying sounds if you squeeze her hand. Eva responded saying, “Ohhhhh honey!” Then kissed her like crazy.
  21. Eva took off all her clothes (she’s been going panty-less around the house since we started potty training) and said, “Me goin’ NAKEY!”
  22. This one is probably my favorite in the list because it sounds so horrible. TJ helped to wipe Eva after she went to the bathroom, but she had a little rash so it must have hurt her a bit. Right after, we were in the elevator with another person, Eva was in her stroller and said out loud, “Daddy hurt my body!” Oh yikes! HAHA!


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