Funny Eva Sayings


I finally have been writing down the funny/cute things Eva says each day and have got quite a list to document and share!

  1. Eva sings to me while playing doctor, “Close eyes and think happy! Close eyes and take breath!” (It’s a little song from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.)
  2. We were babysitting for a little six month old and Eva asked where her mom went. After explaining she had to run an errand and would be back, she sang another little song from Daniel Tiger, “Grown ups come back! Tiger come back too!” She now sings that song whenever I leave her with T.J. She’s doing much better when I leave!
  3. While babysitting, she asked the baby, “Do you have teeth? You have tongue?”
  4. Randomly in the stroller, Eva said, “TAKE COVER!”
  5. A butterfly flew by, “Hi Butterfly, nice to meet you.”
  6. We were playing at a play place and a little Russian girl called her “basushki/babushki… some Russian word, I don’t know. Eva didn’t like it and said, frustrated, “HMPF! She called me babushki!”
  7. I was apologizing to Eva for something and said, “I’m sorry, it was my fault.” She of course had to own it as usual and said, “NO! It’s MY fault.” I don’t think she knows what fault is yet.
  8. “Mom Brooks crazy! He bite Ashley’s shirt!” (This was said days after the event.)
  9. Eva loves this little tree we pass on our walk. She said while passing it the other day, “Little tree, you can’t come. We go to splash pad. Hi bird… Want to come? Want to come to splash pad?
  10. I told Eva we couldn’t do bubbles until after she ate lunch. She pouted and said, “MOM! I am SO sad!”
  11. Randomly in the stroller, Eva said, “Mickey’s SUPER! Mickey to the RESCUE!”
  12. Eva’s common saying recently: Mom… LONGGGGGGG day!
  13. While eating a peach, Eva told me, “Mom, apple juice on here!”
  14. I asked Eva if she liked squirrels or birds the best. She replace, “Princess castles!”
  15. I put Eva in long pants because it was a chillier day. She asked, “Why am I wearing jammies?”
  16. “I sooooo tired.”
  17. I said, “Eva’s being crazy.” She replied, “No! Eva not crazy!” So, I said, “Sorry, Eva’s being Eva.” Eva said, “NO! EVA not EVA! Eva PRINCESS!”
  18. T.J. loved this one. “Mommy, you grumpy!” Thanks, Eva!
  19. I gave Eva medicine and she said, “Bleh! Tastes like pink flowers!”
  20. Eva brought her baby in the stroller with her one day. As cars were passing by, she would loudly “Shhhhh” them because they were “waking up the baby!”
  21. If I’m in Eva’s way, she will push me while saying, “SCUSE ME!”
  22. Eva and T.J. were dancing and Eva accidentally bonked her head on my knee. I thought she would cry but instead she apologized, “Sorry, Mom! We dancin’!”
  23. I told Eva I loved her. Eva replied back, “I love you baby Brooks.” (That’s the name of Ashley’s son and also the name Eva gave to her baby.)
  24. Looking at the daisies in front of our building, Eva exclaimed, “WOW! Roses!”

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  1. mom
    mom says:

    These comments are so cute and creative, that it’s hard to believe a 2 and a half kiddo can say them. You must be one of the most lucky and blessed person on this planet. Miss you all.


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