Funny Eva Sayings: Round 4

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Are you sick of all these funny sayings posts? I’m sorry if you are, maybe you should stop reading my blog! Haha! I can’t get enough. Eva says soooo many cute/funny things everyday. I try to write as many down as possible. Here are the latest, some all the way back to November:

  • Hannah was visiting and told Eva she has a 17 year old brother. Eva instantly asked, “Oh, his name Cheeks?” Uhhh… where did that come from? Hahaha!
  • Eva was obsessed with singing I am a Child of God, which actually only consisted of “I’m a child God, lead me guide me, blahblahblah, lead me somedayyyy” and would sing it constantly. One day she asked me, “Mom, can I sing that church song at the park?” Of course!
  • T.J. asked Eva what the best part of her day was, which was a fun, eventful day in the city. She said, “Seeing the Santa Chair!” I thought it was so funny that we did so much in the city, but the highlight of her day was just walking past the chair Santa would sit in.
  • Sometimes I make threats, bad parenting I know.., back off! But there has been a threat for a while that she has to let me put her hair back and out of her eyes or else her Nana will make me cut her hair! (My mom always is telling me to cut it haha) and so that kind of got mixed up in the holiday season when I was about to threaten Eva to do something, and Eva cut in and asked, “Or Else Santa will cut my hair like a boy?!?!” Hahaha ohh poor girl. She was so worried.
  • Eva went on the potty one day and exclaimed after she did her business, “SANTA WILL BE SO HAPPY!”
  • Looking at a video of an anaconda snake, Eva said, “Oooooh cute! He’s my best buddy ever!” I hate snakes so this thoroughly disgusted me.
  • After taking some medicine, Eva said, “Ewwww tastes like snakes!”
  • Eva calls the Muppets, “The Muffins.”
  • I was wearing a black and white leopard print sweater and Eva told me, “Mom, you look like a cow!”
  • “I can’t find my gloves. It’s just impossible!”
  • “Shoo birds… they’re dangerous, Mom!”
  • I suggested to Eva that Santa could maybe bring her a doll house. “No, mom, I want a hat.”
  • One FHE, Eva told me and T.J., “Don’t say that! Don’t talk about Jesus!” 
  • After sitting on the big toilet, shaking her head, “I was SO brave!”
  • “Mom, let’s do play dough. Ohhhhh… that a great idea!”
  • I don’t remember what I was doing, I should have written down the context, but Eva scolded me, “NO NO NO! NEVER DO THAT!”
  • The vacuum was too loud for Eva one day and she said, “It makes me sick. It’s too loud. Charlie (Eva’s make believe dog) doesn’t like it!”
  • “Mom, I have to tell you something. I have boobies just like you.” Eva said it so seriously.
  • “OOOh, Mom, you smell so sweet. So clean.”
  • “I’ve got a bunchy!” (her word for wedgie)
  • We were watching The Santa Claus movie and Eva pointed to the boy in the movie and said, “That’s Baby Jesus.” Oh gosh, I’m really failing in the religious department, but how can you not laugh at that? Hahahaha
  • After having a FHE all about the nativity and telling her over and over again about what the true meaning of Christmas was, Eva’s reply to me asking what Christmas is all about was, “CANDY CANES!”
  • While looking for her toy and having no luck, she fell on the ground and said, “This is hopeless!” Like mother like daughter, so much drama!
  • In Primary, they asked her what her favorite food was. She said, “Orange juice.” We RARELY ever drink orange juice, so that was a funny/random answer to me!
  • If Eva wants to do something for a long amount of time, she says, “One minute… LOTS MINUTES!”

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