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Funky Facial Disguises

Today, my friend Carrie (who is also waiting to hear about the NY Internship) and I took a break and tried to regain our sanity.

After getting drinks at sonic and wishing they were alcoholic (okay, not at all. I very much keep the Word of Wisdom and would never drink alcohol. But we were joking how if there was a time we needed a “drink”– it would have been today. That’s why we decided to get something with caffeine instead of just my normal swig of water), we headed back to campus and passed Honks.

I’d never been there, just passed it a lot on my way to Smith’s. Honks, a REAL dollar store, in fact much of their stuff is less than one dollar, is “always an adventure…always…” (according to their advertising).

Impulsively, I decided to live by ol’ Vegas slogan that states:

Don’t think. Just do.

So, I pulled in and told Carrie we’re going in. And we decided to buy a few things for the others in our group because we were having our big presentation today.

For Dan, we got a pirate hook and eye patch. For Garrett, a transformer robot plane and mustache. For Frank, light up pens (he loves pens) and a 3-D Eagle photograph with my added bit of inspiration- “SOAR!”

It was great. We found tons of treasures. And only spent like 3 dollars each. But the best treasures of them all were the mustaches we got from the vending machine.

Mine looked too much like a real-nasty bleached peach fuzz mustache, so I will not be posting that photograph. But here’s Carrie’s awesome one:

Turns out, the trip to Honks was really what we needed to feel better and lighten the mood from this disappointing and busy week.

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