I am in a major blogging funk right now. Here are a couple reasons why:

  1. I need to post Eva’s 15 month post, but I haven’t taken pictures of her yet so…
  2. So much going on right now is up in the air and kind of private until we make our huge life decisions and they are set in stone. And if I am saying it’s private and too big to post about, you know I mean business considering I am usually an open book. Agh! Please, let’s just fast forward a couple months when everything (hopefully) is all figured out and settled!
  3. I’m bored of my blog. I mean honestly, how many recipes am I going to post?

Tonight I went over to a good friend’s house who I grew up with… follow her adorable blog here. We looked through her old scrapbooks from middle school and high school. Hilarious. Also, turns out I was a major brat at times. FORGIVE ME. I’d like to think I’m pretty nice now, but that sounds bratty too. Anyway, it’s fun to be home and reminisce on the olden days. Although they were filled with drama at times, they were easy and fun. I grew up in a great town and was blessed with great family and friends.

Well, that turned into such a random blog post. I should end now.


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