Frozen Treat

Uhm, hello? How come no one told me frozen blueberries are quite possibly the best thing in the world? I even read up on it, freezing them doesn’t make them lose too many nutrients, so they’re still just as good for you.

This summer I fell in love with fresh blueberries too. I don’t know why it took me 21 years to like them. But at a 4th of July picnic, T.J.’s aunt told us we were crazy for not liking them, so I gave them a shot. And it turned out I had been out of my mind!

But this week, I decided to stick them in the freezer. I just stuck the whole carton in there and gave them a shot the next day. Delicious.

I’ve gone through a carton a day. Hopefully, that won’t mess my body up or anything….

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