Friday Five

  1. We are almost done with January. I don’t know how we did it, and honestly I don’t know how it went so quickly. But HALLELUJAH! We just have one short month of winter left then we can start seeing signs of Spring in March! I’m so grateful!
  2. I’m taking Eva into the city today to see the Sesame Street exhibit at Lincoln Center. I have got to do something more than walk around the mall, so since it’s over 40 degrees today, we’re bundling up and getting out!
  3. We have our interview tomorrow with the preschool we’re hoping Eva gets into next year. They watch Eva play with kids and see how she interacts with others. Oh gosh, please pray for us! Eva is a pleasant kid, I promise! But with new people, she’s a little standoffish (as are most 3 year olds) so I really am nervous because you never know what a three year old is going to say or do! Sometimes Eva tells people she has boobies, soooo… that could be a weird thing to say at an interview. And remember the time in the elevator when Eva said VERY LOUD that her dad hurt her bottom? Haha oh gosh. Totally taken out of context! She had a diaper rash, but the people in the elevator didn’t know that!  PRAY!
  4. Shoutout to my bff Hannah Judd who’s b-day is tomorrow! You’re getting realllllly old!
  5. Last but not least, PARENTHOOD. Oh, guys. I’m going to be a hot mess next week when it ends forever. It has been such a great show and even though I’m so sad it’s ending, I’m happy they’re ending it at a good point instead of dragging it out for years. It’s definitely going down as my all-time favorite right next to The Office. Watch the preview for the finale and try not to cry. I dare you.

Happy Friday, y’all!

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