For the longest time

I feel like I haven’t written for weeks. I know it’s just been days, which is normal for most people. But this is the longest I have gone without posting!

My life is very hectic. But what I’m learning is that it will never be any less hectic so instead of freaking out and always using that as an excuse, I need to learn how to prioritize and deal with all of it.

I got a haircut this weekend (pictures or video to come). I really love it. I had been considering dying it for a while because the ends were almost orangey. But instead, I just trimmed up all the ends and put in a lot of layers, which took care of that problem for the most part. Oh, and I cut my bangs pretty short again. I’m hoping I can pull them off like Anna on Pushing Daisies

I created a new a blog with my friend Danica. So, that’s been taking a lot of my time trying to get it all started, finding contributors, and figuring out exactly what our objectives are to the blog. Which reminds me… if you are interested in posting a little bit on this new blog of ours, let me know!

I quit watching Glee because it was getting a bit too naughty lately. It’s quite a shame because I love the music, so I think I’ll keep listening to the music, but just skip the drama.

I did pick up a new TV to help me not feel too sad about losing Glee. It’s called Modern Family. It’s pretty funny. Phil is my favorite.

The library T-shirts that my coworkers and I created are on their way. One is a picture of a Zombie, with words saying, “Don’t be afraid… We want to feed your brain!” I am obsessed with the design, and kudos to Christopher for creating the idea! The one I did will be in shortly and goes along with the library’s “Newspice” video.

That’s about all the random stuff I can think of for now.

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