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So, I did it! I have officially flown by myself with Eva! It was quite an adventure and we finished with several stories.

  1. As soon as we got to the Provo airport (which is the best because it is seriously the size of my living room), I smelled something rancid. I went to change Eva’s dirty diaper, which I was expecting to be pretty bad since she goes about the same time every day (and it turns out I’m now someone who talks about their child’s potty behaviors online… oh gosh). I put her on the changing table and realized a bomb had exploded. It. Was. Everywhere. So gross. So stinky. All over her cute outfit. Fortunately I had packed zip lock baggies because who knows when you will need one. After rinsing her clothes off, I stuck them in the baggies and put her in her spare outfit.
  2. I waited too long to change her diaper a second time because she was sleeping on the plane. I noticed as we were getting out at the layover her bottom was kind of wet and I didn’t have any more spare clothes. So what did we do at the layover in Denver? I held her bottom under the hand-dryers. She loved it.
  3. Flying back to Provo, I knew Eva was not going to be as cooperative as she was on the way to Kentucky since she slept for the two-hour drive down to Louisville (she slept through both of those flights). She didn’t do terribly, she screamed for a bit before she fell asleep and when she woke up she just smiled and bobbed her head at the people around us.
  4. The flight attendant on the Denver to Provo flight said two weird things to me. I’m guessing she was joking… I don’t know… You tell me. She walked by with another flight attendant and I heard her say to the lady, “She just pinched her.” I knew she was referencing me because I was the only one sitting in the back and the only person remotely close to me was a couple rows ahead of me and was a man. Then the flight attendant leaned over and said to me in a baby voice, “Tell Mommy I don’t like it when she pinches me!” Pinch?? Eva was laying on my legs and I was peddling her feet like I do often. There was no pinching or anything that would have looked like a pinch. So weird, right? About fifteen minutes later, Eva was screaming because her ears were hurting her. The same flight attendant came over to me and said, “Tell Mommy I don’t like it when she makes such mean faces at me.” What is this lady talking about? I doubt I was making mean faces… so was it just a joke to help relieve some of my stress? And since when is it acceptable for her to talk in first person as my baby? So bizarre.
Anyways, it wasn’t that bad and I’ve decided flying with a four-month old is probably a breeze compared with flying toddlers.

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