Flying Horse

Back in sixth grade or so, my friend Megan and I were hanging out over at her house during the summer. We were super bored and had this idea. I’m not sure how it was formed (Sidebar quote from the office: “Who knows how words are formed”).

We decided to get Megan’s sister’s horse and tie a bunch of scarfs/belts to it, then dangle it out the window so she could see it flying from the floor below.

She was not happy when she saw her favorite stuffed animal flying out the window. Her mom was not happy because we created a lot of chaos in the house. Then we were told to go play at my house for the rest of the day.

Classic memory.

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  1. megan
    megan says:

    KATIE I LOVE THIS. you did happen to leave out the part where my mother made us walk home and while initially we were not too happy about that, we decided that the adventure short cut through the woods was loads of fun! i think that was the same day we make the scooter city of chalk wasn’t it?

    regardless this is one of my favorite childhood memories.
    that and the tape measure. or the cricket. hahah!

    love and miss you loads. can’t wait to see that beautiful married face of yours!


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