Going to Class for the First Time

My first class of the semester is in one hour. It’s a class for my major so I probably will know some of the people in the class. But for some reason, without fail, the beginning of each semester, I get SO nervous.

I mean right now, I have butterflies in my stomach. I want to vomit. I can’t stop tapping my feet or rambling to my coworkers.

Aagh! The suspense just kills me! Who is going to be in my class? Is someone going to be in there I don’t get along with? Are my friends in my major also in the class? Who am I going to sit by? What if I sit in that spot and then hate it but am stuck there for the whole semester because that’s what humans do? What if I don’t know anything? What if, when I walk in, I just stand there and everyone stairs at me with blank faces? What if I walk into the wrong class?

What if… What if… What ifffffff…. What………… if……………..

So Nervous.

I have to go to class now. It doesn’t start for another half an hour, but I can’t wait any longer!

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  1. Heidi McQuay
    Heidi McQuay says:

    I totally understand. Before the first day of school I usually have to lay everything out on the counter like my spirals, books, folders, pens, etc. and count them 3-4 times to make sure I have everything I need! Then I pack them up and unpack them the next morning to count and recheck that it’s all there.


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