First Impressions

So I thought I would share this horrifying story with you. As you know, it’s my last semester and so the last class I needed to take was my Advanced English GE credit. I’m in a class called Writing about the Arts and Humanities.

Class started at 10. I went to the gym early in the morning and spent too long getting ready, plus parking was horrendous, so I got to class ten minutes late. Needless to say, today I’m getting there fifteen minutes early.

I walk in, which the classroom is the size of my living room, crammed with 40 desks, and extra people crowded in every possible space. The only place left for me was behind the door. So after stammering around for a while, I knelt down awkwardly.

After a few minutes the professor (who is in his thirties and just has this intimidating feel about him) says, “It’s ridiculous there aren’t enough chairs in here. Go find one outside.”

Then I laughed a little bit and made a joke which totally bombed, “Oh, I’m fine, I’m just getting in an extra prayer.” (You know, because I was kneeling there with my arms crossed and we are at BYU.) He just stared at me and I knew I needed to go out there and find a chair.

I came back with a clunky office chair but still there was no where to put it. Then I saw a space. Across the room in the front.

There I am with this huge chair. Trying to lug it across with my coat and bag. The professor had to stop and move for me because there wasn’t enough room. I started to laugh because I was just so embarrassed. That just made the tension between the professor and I even worse.

At the end of class, I apologized for the chair, thinking maybe he would laugh about it. Still not a smile.

Then last night, I realized he mentioned some reading that was due for today, so I tried to find the syllabus online. It wasn’t there. That means he must have given out the syllabus in class. So I decided to email the professor.

After apologizing for making such a big disturbance in class again, I asked him for the syllabus. I thought he would reply back with some type of message. At least, I just hoped he would. I need him to tell me it was okay! But nope. No message. Just the attachment.

Now I’m the “Chair Girl” and “Irresponsible Girl” from coming in late my first day and having to already email the professor.

I’m know I’m over thinking all of this. But part of me is so embarrassed, I wish I could switch classes! I even tried to last night, but I would have to get department approval. So I guess I’m stuck.

Maybe I should email him a link to this post?

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