Finny Babe: 8 Months


Finn is 8 months! Crazy. I can’t believe that just in a few short months, he will be one. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I love this age, just like last month. When babies are sitting up but not quite mobile, it’s the best. They’re in their prime-time chubbiness and cuteness. Their personalities show through and almost everyday they’re doing new tricks.

New tricks this month consisted of crawling! Well, it’s a half crawl/half scoot/sometimes roll. But he definitely is getting it! It’s slow but steady and I’m sure we’ll have a full fledged crawler next month. I’m not too eager because that means baby proofing will have to occur at home (he’s already pulling stuff out) but it really is exciting to see him learn!

He also got two teeth this month! He really wasn’t too fussy for them, nor did it disrupt his sleep, thank goodness! All of a sudden I just noticed something pokey in his mouth, then a couple days later, there were two little teethies! He’s got two more coming, the gums are swollen but I don’t feel anything quite yet.

Finn has stopped nursing as of this morning. It’s kind of bittersweet. I’m very sad it’s over but so grateful for the great experience I had with it this time around. I really tried harder this time, plus he was just so good at it compared to Eva. I wanted to go to a year or more but I was losing milk on the right side, pumping like crazy to try and keep up, but once the teething happened, I couldn’t keep up with demand and felt that pumping wasn’t worth my time anymore. So, it’s sad. But I’m trying not to get too emotional about it. Thankfully he eats so much solid food, he’s not drinking as many bottles Eva was at his age and soon enough we will get to switch over to whole milk and save money on all that formula!

Finn wakes up around 6:30 or 7 for a bottle, goes back to sleep afterwards until about 8:30 or 9. Then wakes up for a big breakfast (I’m talking an egg, oatmeal, and a link of sausage), then goes down for his first nap around 11. Depending on our day, he’ll take two or three naps. The first two usually are about two hours and the third is a catnap, but perfect because it’s usually when I make dinner. He goes down around 7 or 7:30 and doesn’t wake up until the morning. It feels so good to have a schedule now, I can totally tell a difference in my life because I’m not nearly as anxious and feeling so much better than just a couple months ago.

This little boy is the sweetest. He smiles at everyone and anyone. Finn has mastered the syllable “DADA”… which as you can imagine, TJ loves and I’m over it! Ha! He loves to laugh, play with new toys, cuddle against my chest before he goes down for a nap (which is amazing… Eva never did that!), be tickled, watch his sister (his ultimate favorite person), gets excited when his daddy comes home each day (so adorable!), swing on swings, splash in his bath, and be sung too. He hates changing clothes, waiting for his next bite of food, and getting back into his car seat if he was just in it (he does the arched back, it’s awful!). He’s such a content, happy boy, that is, if he’s been fed. Everyone comments about his chubbiness and little (well, big) legs. He’s in 18 month clothes somehow!

Finny Babe, you are so loved.

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