Finny Babe: 6-7 Months

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Finn turned seven months on April 18th… these past couple months have flown by. I felt the same way with Eva, but around six months is my favorite baby age! They are sitting up, but not crawling yet (at least not my babies), sleeping better, super chubby, and absolutely adorable. Any minute now Finn is going to start crawling and life is going to get so much harder. But I do have to say, it’s pretty exciting to see him try harder and harder each day to scoot around. He scoots backwards, rolls all over the place and just today started inching forward a bit. He mostly just doest planks, but every now and then, he scoots up a bit. Oh and now that he’s moving, Eva thinks it’s acceptable to try and ride him like a pony. Sorry, kid. He puts up with a lot. I always try and tell her not to do things or not to be so rough but then I find him smiling SO big and laughing at it. He really loves Eva so much.

Finn also is a daddy’s boy! I mean, he’s definitely a mama’s boy too, but when his dad comes home, he wants to be held by him and will go to him over me. It’s making TJ’s day recently!

Last time I posted I said we had started sleep training, well the doctor said I could take out his night feedings so I first started with the 11 pm one (only took one night of crying!) and then miraculously he started sleeping until at least 6 am each morning! If he wakes up before 8 am, I nurse him then put him back down for a couple of hours. Since sleep training him, he also sleeps in his crib for his naps, and they’re long naps! I never thought I’d see the day back when he was a newborn. You know, in the moment, those times seem so horrible and never-ending and somehow he is now 7 months and sleeping like a champ! When my kids sleep, I’m a happy camper!

Finn eats anything and everything! We started off with table foods, then switched to baby foods for a bit for the convenience factor but he was eating like five of those a day (what the heck?? Eva at five a week at that age!) so we have now put him back on table food. I just pull out my food processor and chop up whatever we’re eating. He ate tilapia this week… I can’t get over how different he is from Eva when it comes to food. So nuts. She always has been such a picky and small eater, and he’s the complete opposite.

Hmm… what else… he loves playing with toys, will throw a fit if Eva takes something away from him that he wants, LOVES baths and the pool, likes being sung to, and still enjoys being worn in my ergo and moby. He loves the attention of strangers and can turn tears into a smile instantly, same goes the other way. No teeth yet, sitting up great on his own, and still nursing although he begs me for bottles. He’s about 20 pounds now, is as chubby as ever, and most of all, has the key to my heart!

Love you, little Finnegan!

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