Finny Babe: 3-4 Months

I’m behind on Finn’s monthly posts, so I’m going to do my best to remember how he was back at three and four months but because changes happen so gradually, it’s a hard task.

Around Christmas time, Finn really started showing his personality. Once he learned to smile, it has been all he does unless he is hungry. That kid obviously loves to eat. But once he’s been fed, he really is such a sweet boy and loves to smile at everyone. In December, he really started getting chunky and changing out of his newborn look. He was quickly growing out of his clothes. It’s like he went from newborn clothes to 6 month clothes overnight.

Both Grandmas in December gave him his first tastes of food. He wasn’t sure of how to eat it but definitely was interested. Around 4 months, he was watching me as we would eat, practically begging me to give him a taste. 3 months he still would rarely take a bottle but 4 months he started figuring it out and would take it almost every time, as long as it was really REALLY warm. Occasionally there would be days when he wouldn’t want to nurse because he didn’t want to work for his food, the bottle had spoiled him. But overall he’s still a great nurser and I’m so grateful this time I’ve had a good experience with it since I gave up nursing Eva at two months.

Finn got his share of colds in his 4th month. It was exhausting. We wanted to teach him how to sleep in his crib, but he was constantly stuffed up, coughing tons, and at one point got a respiratory infections and double ear infection. We thought the sicknesses would never end! We took him to the doctor when he was sick and found out he was a whopping 18 pounds.

New tricks and firsts: First plane ride, sitting up by himself with some assistance, sucking on fingers, grabbing his toes, trying to roll over but not quite there yet.

I have a million photos of him, so instead of moving them onto here, I’m going to keep them at my iCloud gallery. So, if you want to see more adorable photos of Finn, click here.

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