Finny Babe: 10 Months

At ten months, Finn changed his look from a baby to a big boy. I think part of it was his hair. His hair lightened up a lot from being outside so much and just grew like crazy. He has had two haircuts in the past three months and already needs another.

Finn started pushing his walker toy around like crazy at the end of July and walk walking around the furniture, then he took a couple steps here and there, but didn’t officially start walking until about a week before he turned 11 months.

He started slowing down in eating around ten months. Suddenly he was a little pickier about what I was feeding him, which was so strange. But on the upside, he got really good at ten months at using finger foods.

Not much else happened, but he still was the sweetest and most easygoing baby ever! He smiles at EVERYONE. Says Dada all the time and occasionally will say mama. Time is flying by!

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