Finn turned 2!

I can’t believe Finn turned two. These two years have flown by in some ways, and really have been so delightful. He is such a ham, tender-hearted, kind of a scaredy-pants, loves to make us laugh, a sleeping champ, has an awesome Dino rawr, and loves his “BEE-va” almost more than he loves his “mom” and “daddy.”

We threw him a little party at the park with his cousins and neighbors. The evening had great weather and the kids just played their hearts out on the playground.

When I said, “Happy Birthday, Finn,” to him that morning, he replied, “No! Happy Birthday, DINOSAUR!” He also wore his dinosaur hat all day long. But don’t let that fool you, he may act tough, but when I took him to the farm for his birthday that afternoon, every animal scared him, even the chickens and baby goats.

Finn is now down to 95th percentile for his height and weight, coming down from 97th last year. We did cold turkey no bottles (or binky) right after his birthday, so he will probably be thinning out a lot this year! I love my lil chunky hunk!

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