4th Day of Christmas: Favorite Christmas Blog Posts

Here are ten of my favorite Christmas themed blog posts:

  1. A Log of Four Lives: I loved Camille’s reindeer banner and snowman wreath! So cute!
  2. Danican Skywalker: Danica lists her favorite Christmas TV episodes that are on Netflix. Yankeeeeeee Swap!
  3. Messerly Moments: Erica posts something Christmasy that she and her family does every day. I’ve been copying some of the ideas (seeing the tree at Provo Town Center, painting, Provo Rec Center) and doing them with Eva!
  4. Six Sisters Stuff: I’ve posted this recipe of Grapham Cracker Toffee Crunch from the SSS blog but I have to do it again. I LOVE this toffee and it’s easier to master than plain toffee.
  5. Wearing It On My Sleeves: Sarah’s outfit with the sweatshirt and red plaid shirt looks so comfy and cute for the Christmas Season!
  6. Love Always: I really love this blogger’s post about the gift of the First Christmas and being able to share it with her children.
  7. Life is Beautiful: Sarah’s new tradition of a Christmas Kickoff Party is something I’m going to start doing in our family next year!
  8. The Morrell Tale: One of Tayler’s goals this month is to simply enjoy the holidays, and honestly I’ve realized how hard that can be sometimes if you let anxiety and stress get in the way! Making it my goal too.
  9. My Twin Love Affair: Okay, technically this one is not Christmased theme but it is a great blog post that reminds me of real Christ-like love, so you’ve got to read it.
  10. Silver Linings: Oops, this one is mine (is that tacky?)… I had nine posts I wanted to share and thought I’d make it an even 10 by adding this old blog post to the mix. It was a flashback of Eva’s Santa pictures from the past… here are the photos!


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