FHE: Week 2

You’d be proud of us.  Right after dinner we went to the living room and had another real FHE.

This week we sang “I am a Child of God.”  It turned into a singing competition, clearly.  T.J. sang (pretended to sing) bass.  I just sang really loud.  And at the end of the hymn, T.J. said, “Wow, I’m a really good singer.”

Then we opened up the newlywed FHE book again.  We found one called “Show, not Tell.”  That sounded intriguing.  It said the following:

When you let the love you have for your spouse wither and die, you are apostatizing from your marriage covenant.  You have as much responsibility to keep your love alive as you do to keep your testimony of the gospel alive.  How do you keep this love alive?  One way is to show it!  Create a list of the different ways you can show love to each other.  Discuss what you have written, then identify the top ten ways to show love. Now cut the list in half, and each of you take half.  Commit to use those five ways to show love during the coming week.

Here’s T.J.’s list, the ones that are circled are what we chose for him to focus on this week:

To clarify a few things, we didn’t circle the temple, praying, or studying the scriptures because those are obvious ones that we always work on.  And also, an inverted kiss is where you put in your lips like a person without teeth and kiss.  It’s very bizarre/awful/hilarious.

Anyway, it was actually a cute activity and was nice to talk about what we think we needed to work on.  And to finish, we studied our scriptures and went for a Snowie with spare change!

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