FHE: Scrabble Night

This week for FHE, T.J. and I got J-Dawgs to go and brought it to Kiwanis Park. This is where T.J. first told me he loved me, you probably don’t care or might want to vomit out of cheesiness, but the point is, I love this park.

After we ate, we played Scrabble. I have a Scrabble application on my phone, which I love playing, but I am terrible. And turns out, I am even worse when I play the actual board game. T.J. killed me.

But to be fair, T.J. didn’t always play by the rules. Luckily for him though, I wouldn’t pay too much attention to what he laid down, so when I realized his words were not legit, it was always too late.

For example, I saw the word: DROW. Drow…?

“What does “drow” mean, T?”

“It’s ‘word’ going up.”

Another time, T.J. said,

“So, do you know what ‘Zogre’ means?”

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