Farm Country

I’m pretty sure I have ten farm posts on here because we go so often, but I can’t NOT document these photos or this trip. First off, there were tons of baby animals, which I loved. And second, look how sweet Eva is here petting those baby goats! Melt my heart. Third, Finn was so scared that night. The animals, we’ve noticed, are so much noisier in the evenings. And Finn, although he talks a lot of talk about animals, apparently when they make noises, he is actually not the fan he pretends to be. He was a nervous wreck the whole night, excluding when looking at the (quiet) bunnies. Isn’t that toothy grin so adorable? I thought he looked so much like a Swainhart baby here! And yes, he wore Eva’s puppy purse around the whole night. We love that farm so much!

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