Fall TV Favs + Walking Dead Promo

It’s about that time of year. Yep, you guessed it. TV time. Our favorite shows are coming back in just a couple of weeks and I can’t wait. Although I’m still mourning the loss of my favorite Office group, the fall lineup will still be pretty great!

  1. The Mindy Project. I think I’m most excited about this one because second season for TV shows are usually the best! They’re finally figuring out where the show needs to go and getting into character. I cannot wait!
  2. New Girl. Since we’re on the topic of comedies from Fox, I’m sure we are all excited to see where this season goes now that Jess and Nick are dating. I love them.
  3. Parks & Rec. Guys, this season is going to be intense. Ann and Chris are going to leave mid-season, my guess they’ll have their baby and that’s their exit. And I suspect Leslie and Ben might start to grow their family. Or at least think about it. I just love that show so much-I can’t even pick a favorite character because they’re all so funny.
  4. Downton Abbey. What? I thought this didn’t start until December? Oh, maybe for you. But I’m not going to wait. I’m going to find the links online so I can start watching it as soon as the folks in the UK. They better redeem themselves from the finale of last season. I’m still heart-broken.
  5. Parenthood. IT’S COMING BACK! We were all so nervous it wouldn’t get signed on for another season, but it did! I can’t wait to see those Bravermans again. This is one of my most favorite shows ever. Real life drama, cute story lines, and heart-wrenching plots. Give it a chance!
  6. Saving the best for last, The Walking Dead. I’m really unsure on how this next season is going to compare to the past seasons. There’s going to be a huge adjustment for everyone now that they have joined groups and are all living together in the jail. I really loved the tight-knit group they had, so I’m interested in where it’s going to go. But I trust AMC. They tell the best stories. Horrible, dark stories. But still… incredible.

Oh, and since I brought up The Walking Dead, let’s all just take a minute to watch TJ’s project he made earlier this year. I’m still obsessed with it:

Walking Dead TV Promo (Design) from TJ Derrick on Vimeo.

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