Fall is in the Air

For weeks, I had been craving chocolate chip pancakes. I finally bought a little mix and we had breakfast for dinner one night. I also bought bacon for the first time in our marriage! T.J. was a happy man… even though it was turkey.

Every day we have been spending a lot of time outside because the weather has been so wonderful. Check out Eva’s crazy hair! It can’t be tamed.

Eva bug loves exploring and checking everything out. She loves playing with leaves. And on occasion, trying to eat them.

Beautiful leave on a fall afternoon

I found this for $6.00 at the DI. I cleaned it up and am saving it for Eva’s first birthday.

We also found this thing for $6! Eva could play with it all day!

Last Thursday evening, Erin came over and we made 50 chocolate covered pretzels. We also dipped a couple bananas in the chocolate. Best decision ever.

After dipping the pretzels, we ding-dong-ditched a bunch of them to people in the ward.

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